• Please do not eat anything hard or sticky until you get a more definitive filling or crown on your tooth from your general dentist.
• If you’re able to, taking ibuprofen 600mg every 6 hours as needed for discomfort is recommended. If you are unable to take ibuprofen, please take 500mg tylenol every 4-6 hours as needed for pain.
• Give 1-2 weeks before getting the more definitive restoration with your dentist, unless appointment is already in place.
• Make sure the tooth is comfortable prior to getting the definitive restoration/crown.
• If we prescribe an antibiotic, please take as directed!


  1.  It is advisable to apply an ice pack to the operated area the day of surgery. 15 minutes on, and 15 minutes off, for a total of 3 hours. This is to help prevent swelling and bruising.
  2.  Follow a soft diet the day of and the day after operation.
  3.  Do NOT brush the operated area.
  4.  Do NOT lift lip to check sutures. This is to prevent pulling out sutures.
  5.  Drink plenty of liquids
  6.  After 24 hours, use salt water solution. Use 1 teaspoon of salt water per 6oz glass of warm water. Hold the salt water solution in the area for 5 seconds, empty, and continue until all of the solution has been used. Repeat as often as possible until the sutures are removed.
  7.  Elevate the head with at least 2 pillows when lying down.
  8. There MAY be some swelling. However, you should contact the office as soon as possible if you experience any of the following: Severe Bleeding, Marked Temperature Rise, or Excessive Swelling.

The radiation from our x-rays is nothing to worry about. The amount of radiation you get from our procedures is a fraction of what you would experience from watching television for an hour. In fact one endodontic procedure is the equivalent to watching about 2 minutes of television.

Yes, unless you decide to have oral sedation then you must have a driver. 

Yes! Complete the 2 forms (Medical History & Notice of Privacy) in our Patient Forms section. You can submit them online or print them out and have them filled out and ready for us when you come in.
Yes, eventually. We understand if you are hesitant to send your medical and identifying information online. That is why we have provided a link to our forms that let you download and print and have ready when you come in.

With that in mind our website is fully up to date with our SSL certificate making sure your information is safe and secure.
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Of course, we understand that sometimes it is hard to relax at the dental office. Because of this we have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available. We also offer an oral sedative for those who need a little help relaxing.

Plan for 2 hours, each tooth is different. If you have time constraints please let me know. 

We accept; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & CareCredit.

We accept most major insurance plans.

We are located South of Indianapolis, on Madison Ave, just North of County Line Rd.

If you are using a maps app be sure to put our name before the address so the whole address reads: Indiana Endodontics, 8782 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227. Otherwise you will likely end up in a residential community next to us.

Our office can be tough to find at first. We are tucked back off of the street. If you see the Lowes go North on Madison Ave and keep looking up for a big 8782 sig